Resmed Airmini Auto Travel Cpap Machine

The ResMed AirMini Auto Travel CPAP machine provides all the ease and satisfaction of homes automatic CPAP in a lightweight, portable box. Crafted to be compact, the ResMed AirMini weighing just 10 ounces and is lightweight enough just to squeeze into a backpack. 

Planned with on-the-go care, ResMed AirMini can be run on long journeys, road trips, camping trips and cruises. A holiday or work travel is really no excuse not to be completely CPAP compatible. 

Water-free humidification

The ResMed AirMini Auto Travel CPAP machine gives all the advantages of humidification when flying without the additional bulk of the humidifier.n Hydrated air helps avoid the dry nose and sore throat. This could be necessary for hot weather. The ResMed HumidX system is absolutely waterless. Only add the short, third of the total-size material to the piping of your mask. Vented ventilation manages to deal with the rest of us

Authorized By FAA

Keep your ResMed for long-distance flights. This lightweight, lightweight CPAP travel unit is FAA-approved for the in-flight use. Please make reminded to notify the airline prior to the flight to ensure they haven’t any specific CPAP travelling criteria.

Offers A More Relaxed Sleep

This machine provides AutoRamp software which helps the patients to sleep smoother and better. AutoRamp changes the atmospheric pressure automatically, beginning at low pressure and increasing to the preferred condition as you feel sleepy.

Expiratory Pressure Relief Improvements To Respiratory Rate

Most CPAP people found exhalation painful with a few of the CPAP devices. For a much more relaxed and compatible CPAP experience, the ResMed AirMini uses special equipment to minimise stress during expiratory. This expiratory pressure relief (EPR) can be tailored by the customer to the most suitable person environment.

Automatic Pressure Adjustment

The ResMed AirMini offers high-performance, breath-based, self-adjusting atmospheric pressure to provide enough support when maintaining your airway open as you rest. Automatic CPAP is by far the most preferred model of CPAP machine for someone who has trouble with traditional CPAP machines. 

Monitor Up the Sleep Details

The ResMed AirMini software helps consumers to update control of the sleep details. Track sleep ratings and study a 1-month background and seeing that you are in line with your CPAP treatment. The AirMini software will also help spot mask leakage, helping you to ensure the mask stays safe.   By detailed data archiving, you can exchange key details regarding the sleep habits with the sleeping doctor.

Ultra-Silent Architecture

The ResMed AirMini is equipped with ActiveAir engineering for smoother efficiency, ideal not to annoy your sleeping companion on journeys. With a working tone of 25-27dBA, the AirMini CPAP is a little louder than a whisper.

Key Features

Weightless: It looks like holding zero at 10.6 oz.

Compact: Length is 5.4 “and width is 3”.

Bluetooth: A smartphone application that lets users change device settings, view sleep information, and turn on and off their machine.

Leak Compensation: Can change to repay for any leakage of air


  • Works an automatic algorithm developed especially for women 
  • It Works as automatic CPAP 
  • Also Works as Manual CPAP 

Battery Option:(Not Included)

  • ResMed Airmini DC / DC 65W Converter 
  • The pilot of 24 Medistrom Battery

Types Of Mask:

  • AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow 
  • N20 Nasal 
  • The F30 Full Face mask or the F20 Full Face.


  • It’s Small (5.4 x 3.3 x 2 in) 65 per cent of CPAP users say device size is the very first factor they wouldn’t carry their CPAP any time they fly. The AirMini will fit into the palms of your hands. 
  • Detection of sleep onset 
  • Pretty quiet. 
  • Uses automatic humidification 
  • Auto-adjusting pressure, using Expiratory pressure relief 
  • Customizable; a number of optional products are able to help to make on-the-go therapy much better.


  • The biggest downside is it doesn’t arrive with a backup battery. 
  • This AirMini is not compatible with many mask items.   
  • It can give off any chemical bad smells to those with sensitive noses. 
  • This isn’t cheap. Even so, it certainly is worth its importance.

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