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2020 has turned out to be a heck of a year. Spending this time with family 24/7 has only led to laying around, making, and eating food. Well, not everybody is super happy about this routine as some of us are fitness freaks! During this quarantine, a lot of people are worried about how to reduce belly fat rapidly and are totally clueless about how and what to do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is hard. We know, we care. So, the main purpose of this article is to provide you with the “do’s” at home for reducing belly fat at home, that too without any hassle.

How long do you spend hours sitting in front of a laptop or your computer? Do you go on morning walks? We are quite sticking to our homes, and phones to be doing anything that requires a bit of exercise? The best way to motivate yourself is to exercise by buying the best exercise machines that help you to how to reduce belly fat.

However, we do recommend not only doing Best Lose Weight Exercises At Home but also keep a fibrous and less cholesterol food in your diet.

1)Walking To Reduce Belly Fat

walking on treadmill at home to reduce weight

The first and the simplest thing you need to start yourself is with Home Treadmill For Walking. Begin with 10 minutes a day. You might be thinking how only walking would reduce belly fat or help in shrinking the love handles? Well, if we have to be honest, nothing can be done if your genes are dominant in a certain area. Therefore, you need to keep moving for keeping your body fit and in shape. All you need is a good and comfortable pair of shoes.

What does simply walking do to your body? Here are a few things that are for sure to happen if you do a stiff walk regularly:

  • Calories are burnt for sure
  • Not only belly fat, but fat from the entire body is reduced
  • The percentage of body fat also decreases, slowly and gradually

If you have strong joints and get bored with the daily routine walk, you can add a bit of jogging or run as well. But keep in mind, either it is walking or sunning, both should NOT be done excessively. This may cause knee, ankle or joint problems.

2)The Bicycle Exercise

Bicycle exercise For Great belly fat lose

Apart from walking or running, another best exercise is the bicycle exercise. It is easy and good for strengthening the abdominal muscles. The fat on your belly, thighs and hips all together shrink. Also, recently it has been proved that bicycle exercise is the most effective for muscle activity and bodily health. It keeps you active and working at all times.

These are the steps for doing the bicycle exercise perfectly:

  • Lay down on your back
  • Raise both your knees to your chest
  • Now lift your head and shoulders with your hands behind your head
  • When you straighten your right leg, bring the right elbow to the left knee
  • Now keep switching sides

When you do this exercise, keep in mind that your breathing is relaxed and your heartbeat is normal. However, again, we will advise you to not overdo this exercise and keep a balance. 12 to 16 repetitions of the cycle are good to go.

3)A Vertical Leg Crunch

Vertical Leg Crunch exercise for belly fat loss

Vertical leg crunch is a lot like the regular crunches but, it requires more hard work and energy. It is so because your leg needs to be completely straight, making your abs work more. The intensity of the workout increases automatically.

Are you thinking how to do vertical crunches perfectly?

  • With your hands behind your head, lay down on the exercise mat
  • Cross your knees and put them up in the air
  • Now keep flexing abs by lifting your head and shoulders

The things you need to keep in mind during this exercise are that your legs should be in the air at all times. Exhaling is the most important thing otherwise, you may get short of breath. Start inhaling a bit when you lay down on your back every time. 12 to 16 repetitions are good to go on a regular basis.

4)Reverse Crunch  

reverse crunch targets  lower abs for strong core

 Apart from regular crunches, reverse crunches have been listed as the 5th best exercise for muscle strengthening. How to do this one? Here are the steps!

  • Arms at the side, lie down on the floor
  • Cross your feet, lift them off the floor
  • Now contract your ab muscles

While doing this, make sure you exhale and inhale frequently for not being short of breath. Make 1 or 3 sets of this exercise and do it regularly for a healthy and fit body.

5)The Ball Crunch Exercise 

abs workout through Stability Ball for Strong Core

For doing this exercise, you need to keep a balance at all times because many muscles are involved. For this, you need an exercise ball. Carry out these steps and you will see a change in your body:

  • With your lower back resting on the ball and your feet firm on the ground
  • Place your hands behind your head
  • Now abs should be contracted while lifting the torso upwards

Your lower back should remain down while keeping it stable. Do 3 sets of this exercise, maximum. Do not forget to inhale and exhale properly.


The 5 exercises mentioned above are the most effective exercises that help how to reduce belly fat at home without any hassle. You do not need a lot of equipment for doing these exercises, so they are not heavy on your pocket either.

Many fitness trainers have kept diet plan as an evident factor for losing belly fat sensibly. So, if you want to flaunt your body and keep it toned, you also need a good and stable diet. Good fats, reduced calories, high proteins and fibrous diet is something you not only need while exercising but also in your daily routine. Instead of starving yourself, keep this balance and you will see miracles happening.

Also, the trainers prefer that when beginning, one should do these exercises and can add more to these exercises. But, they all should be done 3 to 5 times a week. Many of these trainers are simply in love with bicycle crunches, so we give a heads up to this exercise!

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