Cleaning Oriental Rugs With Baking Soda

There is a range of household items essential to disinfect the floor, such as bleach, shampoo, alcohol and vinegar. And so what if you want a good remedy for cleaning oriental rugs? For such a reason, blend the baking soda in these items. Baking soda is known to become the most suitable powder for oriental rugs. 

It is also an affordable approach that has minimal effect on the environment. It’s also going to help get rid of smells and stains with simplicity. You just had to brush the baking soda on the rug, depending on the spot. Let’s explore the various ways of cleaning oriental rugs with baking soda.

There are many ways on How To Clean Oriental Rugs At Home such as Clean Oriental Rug With Vinegar or Steam Cleaning Oriental Rugs At Home

Clean Grease Stains From Oriental Rug

Clean Grease Stains From Oriental Rug

Not all the stains are going to be easy for you to cover up. Whether there is some fat on your dye. You can face a problem including oil spills and butter crumbs on your rugs, which is difficult to clean. You’re going to need to find a different path to better eliminate it.

  • You should initiate this system involves taking a paper towel and going down to a grease stain. You’ll need to start blurring as much fat as you can until you proceed. It’s essential that you stop rubbing the grease about since it can cause it to be mounted in the rug. 
  • When finished, spray the stain with dried baking soda and enable it to sit overnight. The more you enable it to remain, its most fat it can consume. ‘
  • You’ll want to clean the place in the morning to see if you need to do something more. If there’s already a stain inside it, take a bowl of soap and start staining it to help reduce the amount of grease. You should then take some water and a warm towel and gently wash the soapy stain. Only remember to keep erasing the region and don’t wipe as this may allow the fat to expand and cause more problems afterwards. 
  • If it is finished, dry the region until it is softly moist. Now, you’re going to add another coat of baking soda onto the stain. Enable it to rest for some hours, then vacuum the region further. What you hope to notice is that the place is nice and clear again and also that the stain has been completely erased.

Clean Non-Grease Stains From Oriental Rug

Clean Non-Grease Stains From Oriental Rug

There are also non-greasy stains in your oriental rugs, such as coffee, tea, or fruit juice. Fleets that have no inherent residues on them. Follow this method to extract them.

  • Sprinkle over it a generous dusting of baking soda. 
  • Slightly foam the stain with plenty of hot water. 
  • For it, you ought to let the solution stay on the stain for at least 2 hours, but longer if possible. This could be what you’re trying to do in the night before you go to bed. 
  • When you’re ready, all you have to do is vacuum the place, and the stain must be gone. It is going to make the rug appearing fresher. If the stain is tricky to clean, you should repeat as appropriate.

Cleaning Tough Pet Odors

Cleaning Tough Pet Odors

If you have pets, so you know how strong their odour can be at your house. Luckily, baking soda may help eradicate the odour and walk out of the room feeling nice and clean afterwards. What you have to do is take those pretty easy measures.

  • Only apply a decent quantity of baking soda to oriental rug region as it is occupied by your pet. Leave the drink for a matter of nights. 
  • Vacuum the region, you’ll find that your rug smells clean and shiny. 
  • Depending on the circumstance of an oriental rug, you need to repeat the cycle.


Recognizing how to scrub an Oriental rug with baking soda will save you time, cost and hassle when it comes to taking care of your rug. This easy powder is good for the babies and the pet. 

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