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Living in the hottest summers and keeping yourself calm during that time are some of the hardest things ever. Therefore, for staying cool and calm, spending a lovely evening with your friends or family are only possible when you have an amazing outdoor misting ceiling fan.

The summer shenanigans involve swimming, partying in the garden, or just simply relaxing in your chair when you have the best thing by your side; a ceiling misting fan! Basically, Outdoor Misting Fans are something that produces mist in the air. These could be wither with a tank or tank-less.

The Outdoor Misting Fan With Tank has an in-built water tank that needs to be filled once and it will work for hours. However, a tank-less one will need a hose to be connected with the water supply. So as long as the fan is working, so is the water being supplied. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages, but you can always weigh them before buying them.

1)LIVING ILG8E18-15 Wall Mount Outdoor Waterproof Fan

ILIVING Wall Mount Outdoor Misting Ceiling Waterproof Fan

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There is a chain with which you can adjust the fan to different speeds, depending on your need. Moreover, this comes in a sealed and completely lubricated motor so that when you use it in wet locations, you are danger-free. You can use this normal fan and turn it into a misting fan but only if you purchase a living ILG-250 Misting Kit. This fan can be used both, outdoors as well as indoors.


  • 18 inches curved blades of the fan
  • This fan is adjustable
  • Guarantee of a 1-year warranty
  • This fan can be turned into a misting fan


  • The blades are coated with aluminium
  • The air movement goes maximum at 6360 at CFM
  • OSHA approved grill
  • The finishing of the fan is resistant to corrosion
  • Consists of an adjustable wall bracket


  • You need to purchase iLIVING ILG-250 Misting Kit to turn this fan into a misting fan

2)Advanced systems 67018 Ring Wall or Ceiling Mount Misting Fan

Advanced systems Ring Wall Ceiling Mount Misting Fan

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This ceiling misting fan is a UL 507 certified fan for both indoors and outdoors. With the help of 12 feet 15V heavy-duty cord and calcium inhibitor filter, this fan is definitely worth buying! You can now mount them in your patios, garages, or even swimming pools.

The Advanced Systems 67018-RING misting fan is a highly durable ceiling fan you can buy for outdoors. The material of which it is made up is of good quality i.e. metal. Therefore, the black finish on it does not even corrode. Moreover, this misting ceiling fan has aluminium bladed, a stainless steel ring, and nozzles. Unlike other misting ceiling fans, this one functions quite quietly with maximum performance.


  • It is a misting ceiling fan
  • Can be used as Outdoors
  • Pre-wired with 12 feet 15V heavy cord


  • Used in both indoors and outdoors
  • The function is really good and quiet
  • The metal does not corrode so quickly
  • Highly durable
  • Comes with a pre-wire of 12 feet 15V


  • The operation is a bit too strong, so it might not be suitable for residential operation

3)HydroMist F10-14-006 24″ Shrouded Outdoor Wall Mount Oscillating Fan

HydroMist Shrouded Outdoor Wall Mount Oscillating Fan

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As the features reveal everything, the people who have bought this ceiling misting fan are totally happy and content with it. Moreover, when there is an option for adjusting the speed, people get more attracted towards this. The blades are rust-free because they are coated with aluminium. This adds more to the good quality of this product.


  • Easy tilt fan
  • Has 3 different speeds
  • Self-installation is easy
  • 0.27 HP
  • A warranty of one year


  • The size is 18 inches; most perfect size
  • It has good reviews as an outdoor misting fan
  • It is an oscillating fan
  • A wall bracket is included in the package
  • 3500, 4200 and 5100 CFM; three different speeds that can be adjusted as you wish
  • Does not make too much noise


  • This can be a little more expensive than other misting ceiling fans

4)OEMTOOLS 23980 24 Inch High-Velocity Misting Wall Mount Oscillating Fan

OEMTOOLS High-Velocity Misting Wall Mount Oscillating Fan

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The OEMTOOLS 23980 24 Inch High velocity misting fan is something that cools your area and saves you from a hot, sweaty afternoon. The fan’s air is multiplied when the misting ring creates a light mist of water. You better get this one before summers begin!


  • Industrial misting fan
  • 7200 CFM airflow with a 3-speed motor
  • GFCI plug


  • Assembled quickly in no time
  • One of the most powerful outdoor misting fan
  • It is resistant to water (IP44)
  • Highly durable ceiling misting fan
  • It has an oscillating fan


  • It might corrode after some time

Beat the heat

The blazing hot summer months can be really hard. But the above-mentioned ceiling misting fans would help you beat the heat. Mostly, people prefer utilizing their indoor area in summers but with the technology in recent years, people have become aware of how to use their outdoor area as well. Adding a misting fan to your life, that too outdoors can be really fun.

You can now enjoy a lovely evening with your family with these new products.


A good quality misting fan and a quality time with family and friends can be the best moment ever. The above listed few ceiling misting fans are for your review so that you can search and look for what suits you best.

All of them have different features, a few advantages, and disadvantages. These are for you to weigh according to your needs. However, we would recommend that you should spend way too much on ceiling fans. The reason behind this is that the misting fans usually work the same. Look out for your budget and need, then make a decision!

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