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Getting on the treadmill for walking and doing a tough workout is not all always what you need. Sometimes, carrying out the same routine stops affecting your body and becomes a regular thing. Therefore, one should always have open options for Best exercises for losing weight at home.  

We have come across a lot of people who do not need to go to a gym because they already have all the cardio machines at home. So, let’s change our lives into a healthy one by adding exercises to lose weight at home!

If you want weight loss, you will need to burn more calories than you ingest, and the best way to burn calories is through a workout that increases your heart rate. If you want to move your workout indoors, then the fine way to exercise is by buying the best exercise machines that help you to lose weight at home.

So now we are giving you a list from which you can choose which one to add in your workout routine. However, one thing that you will notice is that the exercises listed here are cardio exercises. So, if you have any health problems, please make sure you consider them before starting off with these 6 exercises mentioned in the list below.


burpees exercise for strong core  step by step

First and one of the widely used cardio exercises. Without this exercise, almost every workout seems unfinished. This exercise has known to burn calories real fast with soaring your heartbeat in absolutely no time. Burpees are really effective because they involve all your muscles.

To make your routine a bit more interesting and fun, you may need a primer on burpees. This makes you even happier. All you need is an exercise mat.

2)Running on stairs

Stair Running Workouts to Build strength and power

Make use of your stairs at home! Many times we come across people who LOVE running but hardly ever consider running on stairs. Although running on stairs does not seem to be really effective but once you start, you’ll see a massive change in yourself. About 300 calories can be burnt in 10 minutes if you do it continuously.

Also, during this exercise, your muscles work in a totally different way. It works as a strengthening exercise for the parts that go unnoticed.

3)Jump squats (Best exercises for losing weight at home)

jump squats for Burn Calories And Fat

Jump squats are also one of those exercises that need no equipment and one of the Best exercises for losing weight at home. Most of the times, people fail to do this exercise accurately. Therefore, we will stress how to do these exercises on your own weight.

  • Stand with your feet a bit open wide
  • First, do a regular squat and then prepare yourself to jump
  • Now jump up and the moment you land, lower your body outwards from your back

The mistake people usually make is not using their entire feet for jumping. This may cause an imbalance, thus, a strain or an injury. Also, keep in mind that your shoulders must not lean at any cost. Otherwise, the entire purpose of the exercise is lost.

4)Jump lunges

 jump lunges for lower body strength and stability

Well, many times people find the simple lunges hard but guess what? Try the jumping lunges! The jumping lunges do almost the same job, engaging all your muscles but, it is much harder and gets your heart pounding quickly. For the beginning, you need to start with a simple lunge:

  • With your right leg forward and bring the left arm forward and right at the back
  • Make an angle of 90 degrees
  • Jump from this lunge position straight into the air
  • Keep switching your legs and arms

Experts say that within a minute you tend to lose a good amount of calories.

5)Jumping jacks

Jumping Jacks Are Good For AllOver Weight Loss

Remember the early morning school exercises we used to take lightly? Well, they were not so light in fact! Yes, you got it right, its jumping jacks! The reason we have added jumping jacks in this list is that it benefits your body in all ways. More oxygen and blood regulation occurs when doing jumping jacks.

Moreover, doing this exercise for about 5 minutes per day releases stress and relaxes your body as well. If you are planning to lose weight fast at home, especially during this quarantine, then you must do jumping jacks. Although, we would highly recommend to increases your time slowly and gradually.

6)Bicycle crunches

bicycle crunch exercise for weight loss at home

Crunches are one of the Best exercises for losing weight at home that people tend to do wrong most of the times. But if you do them the right way, you will see miracles happening. The number of calories burnt through bicycle crunches is all you need. But, many experts have put forward the statement that doing bicycles crunches only will not help you reduce weight. Therefore, they think that one needs to add in other exercises for doing so.

The sole purpose of this exercise is to work on the abs. so, add the above exercises in your list for a better and quick workout.


This article has all the exercises you need. You do not fit into your old dresses? Or you feel chub rub while walking? Well, these simple yet effective Exercises At Home To Reduce Belly Fat are something you not only need in your quarantine but also in your daily routine. All the troubles regarding your weight, skin and health will simply be dealt through these exercises. As you will notice that when losing weight, you will find yourself a more refreshing

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