Best Cleaning Method For Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors provide a nice combination to almost every room, but there’s some discussion about the best cleaning method for hardwood floor. There have been some unique combinations to be used for hardwood flooring, and you’ll want to ensure to use any cleaning solution in an unobstructed area. 

Any makers of hardwood floors consider using a mop damped with water only, and could also cancel a warranty for new floors that have been washed with some of the other cleaning solutions. In high-traffic environments, such as the dining room and bathroom, clean or vacuum regularly if necessary and mop hardwood floors once maybe twice per week. Mop less-trafficking areas once a month.

1)Floor Protection

Floor Protection for Best Cleaning Method of Hardwood Floors

It’s often a great idea of using floor protection as it is one of the Best Cleaning Method For Hardwood Floors. Like furniture shelves and felt pads under decor legs as well as frames. Home furnishings coasters charge just bucks and able to move massive pieces of furniture conveniently with no additional assistance even when trying to protect your hardwood from gouges and scratches. 

SuperSliders 4705195N Hardwood floor protection comes in varying sizes and it can be easily used on every size of the furniture. This floor protection is long-lasting and it can be unsightly left underneath furniture for long-term floor protection and shifting capabilities.

Moving Blankets will do a job as well. It’s suitable for big furniture to be used with a supporting arm. Heavy-duty and long-lasting covers furniture when washing and can be unsightly when placed underneath furniture.


Vacuum cleaning the hardwood floor

A few of the simplest and most common measures to manage your hardwood floors clean is by using a vacuum. You can only have a vacuum built for solid surface flooring. If you’ve got either carpet and hardwood in your house, look for just a vacuum that really is built both for. 

Looking for a vacuum that has the correct suction to quickly clear dust and lint. The vacuum can also be compact with tires that do not scrape the flooring. If it has a beaver bar, it must be flexible or removable as the beaver bar can also affect the surface. Canister vacuums, cordless sticks and lightweight upright vacuums with accessories are the most common alternatives. 

Some may use an automatic cleaner, like Roomba. Even so, if you do have pets, it might not be the smartest move. There were cases involving Roombas and pet injuries. The Roomba could extend this crash from the far ends of your living room. Producing a smelly horror situation for you to come back home to. 

Shark Navigator Advanced Lift-Away Vacuum is an upright vacuum cleaner with detachable canister and flexible beaver bar. Bag-free and washable philtre with a Crevice tool and an air-driver pet brush included.

Bissell Hard Floor Expert Bagless Canister Vacuum is a lightweight, easy-to-use canister design with Expandable Cleaning Wand, suitcase-free and washable philtre. It has a corded configuration with strong suction.


brooms for cleaning the floors

There’s still a broom in the days you’d like not to work with a cleaner, or even smaller spaces and clutters. There’s obviously nothing wrong in using a good old-fashioned brush broom as it is Best Cleaning Method For Hardwood Floors. There are many, nevertheless, more powerful tools accessible to vacuum the floors in half of that time. 

Microfiber brooms are also known to as dust mops. Dust mops substitute the normal head with a head covered in a microfiber fabric. Depending on the model, the garments are either reusable or disposable and the unit is easy to clean. 

The advantage of dust mops is that they’re doing a better job of collecting and removing dirt, dust, and fur instead of simply throwing it in a mound around the house. You can still have a pile of debris when you’re finished, so don’t dump out your dust bucket.

Bissel Smart Lightweight Dust Features Jointed Handle Bendable edges for washing baseboards and surfaces. Washable microfiber attracts dust and debris without additives.


mops to clean the hardwood floor

When the floor is dirtied further than a spot-cleaning. You’ll need a wet mop to get rid of excess debris and accumulated grime. The mysterious microfiber arrives at the rescue. Some steam mops are shaped like a dust mop with a reusable, washable, flat microfiber head. Others appear like yarn broom but replace yarn loops with microfiber strips. 

The advantages of a microfiber moist mop are two-fold. Like such a dust mop, the fibre is collecting debris. The biggest advantage is that the microfiber does not retain too much moisture. Which means you can clean your floor without saturating the wood.

Bona Hardwood Floor Mop is safe for all forms of unwaxed, unoiled, polyurethane. Finished wood floors and extra-large mop head, includes full-size Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner cartridge with a reusable microfiber cleaning pad

Hardwood Floor Cleaners

If you use some quantity of water to wash your floor, it’s important to understand what kind of water you’re using. Distilled water is still a good bet. Strong water from wells, chlorinated city water or drinking water treated with softeners can create mineral resources and dark spots that are difficult. If not impossible, to extract without thoroughly refining the hardwood floor. Let’s look at some of the suitable hardwood cleaners.

  • Weiman Wood Floor Cleaner is Streak Free and can be used on any polished hardwood floor. The no-rinse solution which can be used on any pre-finished hardwood floor

Method Squirt and Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a non-toxic squirt and mop wood floor cleaner. Plant-based biodegradable cleaner, designed for enclosed hardwood and laminate flooring. There’s no need to rinse and it smells the Good Almond.

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