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If you’re in search of the simplest way to transport bikes, Bike Rack For Truck Hitch is the simplest way to go. There’s a good range of options to pick from, but hitch racks fall under two basic categories. Platform racks are the foremost expensive but provide perfect stability and convenience, on the opposite hand, hanging racks maximize carrying capacity.

Hitch mount bike racks are available in various sizes and models. The Manufacturers also are pushing a spread of racks targeting various standards of bikes like electric bikes, mountain bikes, and a few specialty bikes. They also differ in terms of auto compatibility. Purchasing a motorcycle rack requires some research and comparison and here are a few of the best bike racks for truck hitch.

1)Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack 

2-Bike truck hitch mount rack

Swagman XC may be a thoughtfully designed bike rack carrier that matches 2-inch hitch receivers. Luckily, Swagman also incorporates a hooked pin that prevents all the wriggling. You’ll need a wrench to try otherwise you can maneuver the pin together with your hand and tighten it. Swagman XC can assemble in about 5 minutes. This pack contains 3 movable arms joined into a centre bracket by 3 easily removable pins.

This bike rack accommodates bikes with a complete weight of 70 pounds. It’s a platform sort of bike carrier. This suggests that it holds your bikes by the wheels. The best feature is that you simply do not have to get rid of any of your bike’s wheels.

This rack has 2 couples of wheel pools. What’s so majestic is that the wheel trays are designed to accommodate various bikes with varying wheel sizes. The wheel trays easily withdraw and forth on the arm by loosening their independent turn knobs. you’ll carry adult’s children’s bikes with an equivalent rack.

To ensure that the trays don’t fall off, there’s a screw at the top of arms to stop from falling. you’ll also remove a few of the wheel trays and leave just one on the rack if you’ll only be transporting one bike all the time. moreover, Each of your bikes is persisted either side of the centre arm. If you’re concerned regarding the bikes hitting each other down the drive, and so is the situation with one of the most hung racks, this may satisfy you.

This bike rack also has 2 ratcheting hooks that move up and down the centre arm. Their job is to carry your bikes by the frame and push them right down to grip the wheels in situ within the wheel wells while mounting your bikes, you’ll need to pull the hooks up. 

Once you’ve mounted your bike, you only push the hook down onto the frame. This is often one among the ways of securing a bike onto the rack. These hooks have padding which takes care of your bike frame’s paint. Aside from these hooks, there’s not the other security for bikes on the hitch mount bike rack. 


  • Fits 2’’ and 1-1/4’’ hitch receivers
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Takes around 60 seconds to load 2 bikes
  • Marvellous all-metal construction
  • Folds very easily for packing and storage
  • Wheel pool and hooks hold your bikes securely
  • Adjustable wheel pools fit bikes of varied sizes
  • Padded hook won’t scratch the frames of bike


  • Not much for vehicles with poor cargo space
  • You’ll need to purchase a security cable and a locking hitch pin separately

2)Overdrive Sports K2 2” Hitch Mounted Rack 2-Bike Platform

truck hitch mounted rack 2-bike platform

The K2 Best Bike Rack For Truck Hitch includes an anti-wobble system to stop the matter from scratching your truck or dropping the bikes while travelling. It also contains a tilt system that permits access to rear cargo and includes a folding mechanism for storage when not in use.

The K2 bike rack services 2 bikes that weigh up to 60lb each employing a durable powder coating to feature corrosion resistance. The K2 bike rack also comes with padded clamps, locking knot and hitch pin, and also with a rear reflector to extend the visibility.

Furthermore, The 5″ wide wheel trays fit only standard, fat tire and e-bike varieties Most of the parts come already assembled and are easy to put in and are adjustable. This should be remembered which low frame bikes can need the KAC Bike Frame Adaptor, which would be sold alongside. 


  • Anti-wobble system avoids damage and shakiness.
  • Folding system for easy storage.
  • Quick-tilt system allows access to rear cargo.
  • Rear reflector for added visibility.


  • Lacks a security mechanism, supplementary locks are imperative.
  • You need to buy a security cable or a locking hitch pin separately

3)Hollywood Racks 4 Bike Platform Style Hitch Mount Rack

hollywood best 4 bike racks platform style truck hitch

The design of Hollywood Bike Rack For Truck Hitch is sturdy, enough large for Mountain bikes, which features a solid build. The HR1400 is solidly built hitch mounted bike rack offering good quality bike racks that are strong, simple, and secure. This unit has strong steel construction and powder paint to stop it from rusting. 

The strong gauge of metal is used on it, the whole rack weight is 70 pounds. Most users require a hand while attaching or detaching it from the receiver. However, one person can do it since it is often separated into 2 units holding 2 bikes each.

The HR1400 is meant for trucks that have a 2’’ inch hitch receiver at least. The shank gets into the receiver quite easily. Amazingly, you don’t require a wrench to tighten it into your receiver. Moreover, Upon sliding the shank into the hitch, there’s a locking pin that secures the rack into the receiver. This locking pin features a lock and key that ensures the rack is safe.

Hollywood HR1400 may be a platform-style sort of rack. It’s 4 sets of wheel trays that are wide enough to assist bikes with up to 3’’ tires. These trays are adjustable along the arm. They will help a motorcycle with up to 60’’ wheelbase. The arms and wheel trays support bikes with a complete of up to 200 pounds of weight.

There also are 2 masts, These masts have 2 nicely padded hooks that down your bikes into the wheel trays to stop scratching your bike frame’s paint. These hooks are compatible with a good array of motorcycle frame styles. 

Discussing further, To secure your bikes the wheel trays have Velcro straps that hold each of the wheels. This suggests that you simply can fix the rack to ferry just 2 bikes or add up the opposite attachment to ferry which contains 2 more bikes. This process is straightforward and straightforward and doesn’t require any tool. you simply got to remove a pin that joins the two attachments at the centre. 

There’s also another amazing feature that the Bike rack boasts a nice rise from the point it attaches to the main rack. This is enough clearance to help you navigate different roads without your bikes hitting the ground and this HR1400 rack tilts downwards to let you access the tailgate.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Accommodates up to 200 pounds
  • Padded clamps tie down the bikes while scraping the paint.
  • The rack folds for easy storage and compact parking or driving
  • The bike rack features a lockable hitch pin which helps in security
  • No-wobble no-tool system eliminates wobbling
  • It can Switch from a 2-bike carrier to a 4-bike rack easily
  • Rack lean to permit access to the cargo deck 


  • It’s bulky 
  • Has a clumsy shape for storage
  • It’s heavy to maneuver alone

4)Allen Sports 4 Best Bike Rack For Truck Hitch

4 bike truck hitch racks

Allen Sports Bike Rack For Truck Hitch is crafted to carry 4 bikes securely. It is going to the hang-style rack which keeps the bikes in such a case. This rack has 2 arms each measuring 22 inches keeping the bikes a long way faraway from your vehicle’s tailgate. 

It allows enough space to hold 4 bikes while allowing each bike enough space to stop knocking. The two arms have 4 little rubbers made from top plates. Loading and unloading are incredibly easy. This makes them flexible in order that they can accommodate bikes with wider frames. These rubber cradles won’t break easily.

Allen Sports Deluxe offers protection to bikes. Each of the cradles has rubber straps that you simply use to tie down the bikes and therefore the rubber cradles won’t fret your bike frame’s paint. That nylon straps secure the frames securely to prevent any unnecessary tasks.  In comparison, binding such straps should not require a lot of combat.

This rack is made of strong and durable steel and has been built to accommodate 4 bikes measuring up to 140 pounds. You’ll easily tell that it’s solidly built by just holding it in your hands. It’s a black powder coat finish. for long-running design, Allen Sports goes ahead to back it up with a lifetime warranty.

Furthermore, you can assemble and can install this thing alone. Assembling and installing this rack takes around quarter-hour. You will need to have a 2-inch trailer hitch or an appropriate extension for this hitch rack to suit on the truck. The package comes with no-wobble bolts that securely grip the rack within the hitch with zero jiggles.

Allen Sports Deluxe features a tilting mechanism that permits you to approach the rear door and take your stuff. to try to do this, you would like to tug out a pin that holds up the mainmast. Particularly, you’ll tilt the rack with one light bike on.

You can simply fold the arms down and leave your setup looking organized without having to detach the whole hitch rack. You can also leave the rack on. If you’re going to have to disable it, the rack falls off the hook as quickly as it goes in. Even, if you’ll be installing and uninstalling often, a perfect idea is to exchange the bolt and nut with a trailer pin. By an equivalent vein, this 4-bike receiver folds flat for storage. It’s also not bulky.


  • Sets up and installs in around 10 minutes
  • Carries 4 bikes with a complete weight of 140lbs
  • Black powder coat finish and steel construction for durability
  • The dual-arm style for increased stability
  • Arms fold easily for compact storage
  • Mainmast tilts away to offer access to the rear door
  • The individual tie-down system secures your bikes
  • Rubber cradles are flexible to accommodate wider frames. these cradles don’t break easily
  • Favourably priced


  • The rubber utilized in the cradles degrades after some years

5)Retrospec Lenox Hitch Mount Bike Rack

truck hitch mount bike rack

This Bike Rack For Truck Hitch comes unassembled. The method of assembling involves tightening a couple of bolts and this assembling won’t take you quite 10 minutes utmost. All the tools that are necessarily required for assembly and installation are included within the package. 

The Lenox hitch bike rack feels sturdy simply just by holding it. it’s made from sturdy steel and features a weight limit of 140 pounds. The metal frames even have a black painting to avoid rusting. With little care, this rack will serve you for years.

Discussing further, it’s a group of 8 bike frame holders which is formed of rubbers. There’s Another impressive feature about these holders is that they are movable along with the arms. This movement allows you to suit bikes with various styles and sizes comfortably. you’ll also get a number of them out if you would like to convert the rack into a 2 or 3-bike carrier.

These cradles use stand-alone tie-down straps to hold the bikes on one’s arms. These straps are strong and elastic. Lenox also offers Reflective signs. It warns other motorists about your load, especially in the dark.

You can take a pin and fold your arms back quickly. It allows you to park easily without fear an excessive amount of about the added length at the rear of your vehicle. About accessing the cargo area, Lenox tilts outward just by coitus interruptus a clevis pin. This removes the necessity to uninstall the whole bike rack whenever you would like to urge something from the trunk.


  • It’s affordable
  • It’s sturdily built and it’s solid welds
  • Minimal assembly time
  • Assembling and installation tools included
  • Easily put your bikes on and off the handles
  • Arms have moveable rubber frame holders that assist bikes with various styles
  • Tilts outward opportunities to reach the protective cover


  • You will get to use bungee cords to attenuate swaying
  • Bike security cable is sold separately


This is an in-depth comparative analysis. The simplest bike rack is straightforward to load, which makes these bike racks an excellent selection. They’re however not something you’ll purchase on an urge. Firstly, you’ve got to make sure that you simply get a rack that fits consistent with your vehicle’s hitch and may accommodate the bikes you propose to use and fulfil your own transportation needs.

Although there’s little question that some designs are better. Our advice is to think about your vehicle type, your location and your bicycle for long distance carefully when making a sale decision. The peak of those factors will help navigate you to the best bike rack.

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