bathtub shower combo for small spaces

The idea of getting a bathtub shower combo for small spaces might make a number of us wiggle. It is often beautiful as well as a practical component during a bathroom. But if when the planning is as Deep Bathtubs For Small Bathrooms. For many, a shower and bath design may be a complete mixture to possess the simplest relaxing time, especially once you lack space.

Do you have a little bathroom but still, you would like a tub in it instead of just a shower? With all of these small bathtub ideas and options, don’t worry it is often through with touch research and creativity. Below down are the best combo of bathtub and shower for small spaces bathrooms


miya cast iron clawfoot tub

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The Miya is formed of forged iron durable material and this Miya Clawfoot Tub is planned and conceived intimately for a selected purpose to figure in tight spaces and complement the layout of a fragile dainty bathroom. the outside of the Miya Clawfoot Tub is painted medium grey to interrelate consistent with your bathroom decoration.

Bring slightly of Old World sophistication to your home with the Miya cast iron Clawfoot Tub. A deep well and rolled rim on this outstanding freestanding tub make it flawless for leaning back and magnificent soaking.


  • Design is very traditional
  • Shape is oval
  • cast iron is used as material
  • Exterior treated with hand-smoothed painted and paint used is lead-free
  • Interior treatment is white porcelain enamel
  • Feet type of ball & claw

specifications :

  • Length 66″ width 30″ and height 23″ has 42 gallons of water capacity.
  • Having length 61″ width 30″ and height 26″ has 31 gallons of water capacity.
  • length about 54″ width 30″ and height 23″ has 29 gallons of water capacity.
  • Having interior length 31″ and interior width 17″
  • Water depth to Rims 17″ & Water depth to overflow 13″
  • Tub weight is 242 lbs (uncrated) & Tub weight is 352lbs (crated)
  • 5 /  16″ of Thread Length 27″ Length drain pipe and 39″ Height overflow pipe. Accommodates tub walls are up to 7/8″ thick at the overflow
  • 3 / 8″ of the length Thread is 27″ Length drain pipe with the 39″ Height overflow pipe. Accommodates tub walls are up to 1-2/4″ thick at the overflow.
  • 15 / 16″ Thread Length of  27″ Length drain pipe and the 39″ Height overflow pipe. Accommodates tub walls are up to 2-1/2″ thick at the overflow
  • 11 / 16″ Thread Length 27″ Length drain pipe and 39″ Height overflow pipe. Accommodates tub walls are up to 3-3/8″ thick at the overflow
  • 1 / 4″ Thread Length is 27″ Length drain pipe and 39″ Height overflow pipe. Accommodates tub walls are up to 3-3/4″ thick at the overflow


  • Very stylish
  • High quality
  • There is an overflow hole
  • Having Tap Deck
  • There’s an optional Drain at end


  • No faucet included
  • No drillings for faucet


Carraway freestanding tub faucet with hand shower

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Carraway Freestanding Tub Faucet is meant to travel alongside a present-day or traditional bathtub shower combo for small spaces, the Carraway Freestanding Tub Faucet features a bending gooseneck and refined details. A cylindrical body and rounded shower are flawlessly adjuncts its square-ish shaped nozzle and really practical to use lever handles. Durably built, the tapping material is formed of brass and comes in your choice of premium finish.

Features :

  • Having installation of freestanding type
  • Single-hole Faucet centres
  • Handle type is a lever
  • Single-hole floor-mounted installation – 1 hole faucet
  • The rough-in valve needed for installation
  • The rough-in valve is included


  • Having length 10-1/2″, width 9-1/2″ and height 41″
  • Base plate length 6-7/8″
  • Base plate width 6-7/8″
  • 41″ Height.
  • Spout Height is 37″ (deck to spout outlet)
  • Spout Reach is 8-1/4″ (centre of faucet body to centre of spout outlet)
  • Flow Rate is 8.5 gallons/minute
  • Hand Shower Flow Rate is 1.8 gallons/minute
  • Hose Length is 60″
  • Faucet Holes: 1


  • Includes hand shower
  • There are Ceramic disc cartridges
  • Hand shower material is abs


  • There are no Hot and cold indicators
  • There is No drain


cambria cast iron roll top clawfoot tub

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The Cambria is an impressive clawfoot bathtub shower combo for small spaces made from forged iron and locates on the straightforward ball and claw feet. Perfect for a smaller delicate bathroom, this freestanding tub adds glamour to customary furbish.

These tubs have an intimate league that can be exceptionally attractive to some homeowners. They suit a wide span of nostalgic and Victorian style bathrooms and maybe the perfect add up to many older homes. They can also be used as a shower, offering the same utility as another tub/shower unit but in a particular manner.


  • Design is traditional
  • Finishing of the product is white
  • Exterior treated with hand-smoothed painted white
  • Interior treated is white porcelain enamel
  • Shape is specialty
  • The material of feet and tub is cast iron
  • Feet type is ball & claw
  • Water capacity is 29 Gallons

Specifications :

  • Length of 48″ with Width 30″ & Height 20-1/2″
  • Interior length 31-1/2″
  • Interior width 18″
  • Water Depth to overflow is 12″
  • Tub weight 233 lbs (uncrated) & 343 lbs (crated)


  • Having an Overflow Hole
  • The drain is optional and placed at the end
  • There is a built-in adjuster


  • There’s no Tap deck
  • There’s no Faucet included


boone acrylic freestanding tub

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Boone Acrylic Freestanding Tub gives you a relaxing soak and can switch your bathroom into your bath containing hot aerated water. This Boone Acrylic Freestanding Tub is conceived in detail and flawlessly planned for a specific purpose bathtub cozily cuddle the form of your body while never compromising extent.

When this paired with an air massage feature, this tub provides an unforgettable and enjoyable soaking experience. To give a proper look, introduce a sleek faucet to your space.


  • Modern Design
  • Finishing of the product is white
  • Shape is oval
  • Acrylic Material


  • Water depth to overflow is 12-3/4″
  • Length 51-1/4″, Width 25-3/4″, Height 19-3/4″
  • Water Depth To Overflow is 12-3/4″
  • Water Capacity Without is 43/gallons and With Overflow is 36/gallons
  • Tub weight is 72 lbs (uncrated) and 182 lbs (crated)


  • An overflow hole is optional
  • There’s is Tap deck
  • There are Built-in adjusters
  • The drain is optional and has offset placement


  • No Faucet included
  • No Faucet Drillings


abbey hammered copper double slipper clawfoot soaking tub

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If you thought that Abby hammered copper double slipper clawfoot soaking tub is big to even believe in your small bathroom, re-evaluate. Having the relaxing massage this tub is quite possible. you simply need the proper small tub with powerful jets to urge the task done. For such Job, this Everclean tub will take your bathing event to the subsequent level.

This splendid copper double-slipper tub features a deep interior that’s awesome for soaking. The copper is hand-hammered to present a pleasing surface texture that addition the Antique Copper finish beautifully.


  • Design is traditional
  • Hand-polished finish.
  • Product finishing is an antique copper patina
  • Patina applied using the French hot process, so the colour is ingrained in the copper.
  • Copper tubs are handmade and therefore unique
  • Shape is oval
  • The material of Tub and feet is copper
  • The Exterior is hand-hammered
  • The Interior is also hammered as well.
  • Feet type is lion paw


  • Length 48″,Width 32″ and height is 36-1/2″
  • Tub interior length is 36-1/2″ and interior width is 20″
  • Water depth to Rims is 28″ and water depth to overflow is 25-1/4″
  • Metal Gauge or Thickness is 16 gauge
  • Tub weight is 85 lbs (uncrated) and 195 lbs (crated)


  • An overflow hole is optional
  • Optional Drain included
  • The drain is located in the centre.


  • There’s no tap deck
  • No faucet Included
  • No option of drilling


A bath is usually your portal to pleasure and also satisfaction, especially after an extended hard day. Furthermore, choosing the simplest tub shower combo which relieves your tensions is vital. We believe that the guide has given you an honest idea on the only bathtub shower combo to buy for and you will make the right decision.

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